Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photos are a perfect gift for yourself or somebody you love. It is not unusual for wedding brides to book a boudoir photo shoot and make a beautiful album to give to the groom as a wedding gift. Our clients all have different motives for doing a shoot, but one thing they all have in common is they want beautiful, sensual images in a beautiful setting.

All images are beautiful and tasteful images of you in whatever clothes YOU want, underwear with or without accessories or different clothes, like a white shirt, a robe, pearl necklaces awesome high heels or something completely different. Each shoot is unique and we can get just as creative as we want.

Prices from 280 euro

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Europe Boudoir Photo Tour 2022

Yes! Efter succén 2019 gjorde vi uppehåll för Covid-pandemin. Nu är vi tillbaka för en repris under 2022!
Now open for booking! Book your spot for an awesome Boudoir Photo Experience with Photo By Andreas. Below you can see the tour dates and places for 2020s European Boudoir Photo Tour. Hurry up and book your spot, only limited availability in each city!

European Boudoir Photo Tour 2022 Dates


march 13, Karlskrona, Sweden 3 available spots
march 28, Stockholm, Sweden available spots
april 2, Gothenburg, Sweden available spots
april 5,  Malmö, Sweden  4 available spots
april 7,  Copenhagen, Denmark 3 available spots
april 9, Amsterdam, Netherlands available spots
april 11, Paris, France available spots
april 15, Zürich, Switzerland available spots
april 17, Vienna, Austria available spots
april 19, Prague, Czechia available spots
april 21, Berlin, Germany available spots
april 23, Hamburg, Germany available spots



Price: 280 euro


Contacts us for more info or booking


"Boudoir"(.n) /'bu : dwa : r/

A small room, esp. if pleasant, or elegantly furnished, to which a lady may retire to be alone, or to receive intimate friends; a lady's (or sometimes a gentleman's) private room

Frågor & Svar Boudoirfotografering

Here we have collected many of the questions we often get from clients. Do you miss question or want to ask something else? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Do you have to show my images at your website? 

No, no, no. This is COMPLETELY up to you! When you book a shoot we both sign a written agreement about things like this.

Do I have to take off all my clothes?

NO, of course not. The images are YOURS and YOU decide what you are comfortable with.

What do you mean by "images are edited"??

By this I mean I work on every single image before it is delivered to you. I adjust light, shadows, colors, white balance and a million other small aspects of the image to make it perfect!

What do you mean by "images being retouched"??

Vissa bilder retuscherar jag också. Det kan innebära att ta bort störande objekt i bilden, en ful sladd, ludd och trådar på textiler med mera. Ibland kan det också vara att göra tänderna liiite mindre gula, ta bort den där lilla finnen på kinden som inte brukar vara där, med mera. Men bara lugn, det är alltid subtila förändringar och bilderna kommer inte se ”photoshopade ut” 🙂

How long does it take before I get my images?

My goal is to deliver your images no later than 4 weeks after the shoot. Very rarely it takes more than 1 week.

How many images do I get?

After a boudoir shoot I deliver between 5-50 images, depending on our set up, if you have multiple wardrobe changes and so on. Most often it is between 5-15, polished and really beautiful boudoir images

Boudoir photography feels a little nervous. Can I bring a friend for support?

Of course! A boudoir shoot is supposed to be funny and exciting. Trust me, EVERYONE feels a little bit nervous before, but as soon as we start shooting all clients appreciate the fun. Sometimes bringing a friend can make you more conscious, but it's your decision.

What about posing? I don't know how to pose?

Well, most of us don't work as a professional photo model, so 90% of all my clients have no idea what to do in front of the camera. This is completely fine and I as a professional photographer have tons of ideas and suggestions and will tell you exactly what to do and how to pose and move if you feel unsure. If you don't like a pose or suggestion, just say "Lets try something else instead" and we will.

What do you mean with image copyright? Cant I do whatever I want with the images?

No, you can't. And niether can I :) In our written contract we agree on how to use the images. This is a standard praxis in photography. This way you can for example be sure I don't post any images online if you don't want to, and I can be sure you don't alter och sell the images. It is of course always ok for you to post images, print them and so on.

Why are there no prints or albums included?

Freedom for my clients! I have chosen not to include any prints, simply because less and less clients want this or they want very specific dimensions/prints. BUT...if you want prints or an album, let me know and we will fix this for a reasonable charge.

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